Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilt Custom Order

This quilt was a custom order for someone my hubby works with.  It's a lap quilt with a finished size of 55"x66".  The top is cotton with a satin interior border.  The back and binding are the same satin that I used for the interior border.  She specifically asked for satin to be on the back.  To be perfectly honest, that part scared me.  I have never worked with satin before this project and was worried about how slippery it is.  I used a my walking foot when I was quilting it which seemed to help immensely! 


Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Sale!

In celebration of the long weekend we are having a sale!  Head on over to the shop and pick up something fun for your little one.  Use the coupon code SUNSHINE15 to receive 15% off through Monday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Haven't Forgotten About the Boys!

When Maria and I started talking about opening our shop I was really excited.  We were going to make clothes for little girls.  How fun!  I mean, I have three boys, whom I love dearly, but let's be honest...there just aren't as many patterns out there for boy clothes as there are for girls.  I have had so much fun making twirly, ruffly dresses.  But, the whole time there was this nagging little voice in the back of my head that said, "don't forget about the boys!"  I had a few things to finish up with the girl dresses and then the big custom order to work on before I could devote time to boys clothing.  The time has arrived though - boys clothing is here!  We are starting out with neckties for your little man.  Oh, man, I just love these ties.  I have been working on this tie pattern for the last three years or so.  I have finally perfected it though and am ready to send ties out to the world for other little boys to enjoy.

The 21 ties I have made for my boys.  I love seeing the boys wear them to church every Sunday.

We had fun matching for Easter this year. 

These blue ties were the first ones I made for them.  The boys wore them for my sister's wedding back in 2011.

The purple ties are the most recent ties I made for the boys.  They wore them for my brother's wedding that was back in July.
It's so fun for me to see how excited the boys get when they see me working on new ties for them.  Some might even say that a boy can never have too many ties :)

The first ties are in the shop now, just waiting to be worn and loved by little boys!  To make things even more awesome, each of the ties listed has a matching dress.

This orange tie is perfect for fall.  It makes me think of pumpkin pie :)  The matching dress for sister can be found here.

When two of my boys saw this tie they got really excited and asked if it was a new tie for them.  When I said that it wasn't they were sad.  I know what they're getting for Christmas this year! There are actually three dresses that match this tie!  You can find them here, here, and here.

Last, but definitely not least is this happy yellow tie.  Bring some happiness to your little man's wardrobe! Don't forget the matching dress :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Value Table Cloth

My aunt has been working with the young women in our church.  She was getting ready to give a lesson on unity and wanted a visual aid to help illustrate her point.  One day she called me up with the idea of having a table cloth with girls holding hands (like paper dolls) wearing dresses in the colors of the young women values.  Here is what I came up with!

My aunt was so sweet and sent me a picture of the table cloth in action!

Is this something you'd like to see in the shop?  If it is, leave us a comment!

--- Lisa

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Infant Seat Redo

Two years ago Maria was getting ready for baby number six to arrive.  She was having tons of fun making a matching diaper bag, moby wrap, and nursing cover.  I commented to her that she was making so much that there wasn't going to be anything I could give her for her baby shower.  Jokingly she suggested that I re-cover her infant seat.  Not long before that I had seen a tutorial from Ashley at Make it and Love it on re-covering an infant seat.  I told her that I would do it!  To say that I was nervous though would have been an understatement.  What if I totally messed the whole thing up!?

First I took everything apart, taking LOTS of pictures along the way.  I didn't want to forget where each piece went since I didn't have another seat to reference if I forgot how it went back together.
In Ashley's tutorial she took the original fabric off of the padding.  I decided to keep the original fabric and just put new fabric right over top of it.

I was actually quite surprised at how quickly the whole thing came together.  It really wasn't nearly as hard as I had envisioned it to be.

I also made a head support piece that can be removed.
 And just for fun - a side by side comparison :
 -- Lisa

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple Picking

Our ward went Apple picking on Saturday. My oldest  wanted to stay home and have a day to himself, so I took the other kids and off we went. I forgot how cold it was in the mountains and poor C was cold.
It's cold up here in the mountains.

L had fun and filled her own bucket with a little help.

K must have gotten a sour one.

T loved picking apples and got upset when the buckets were to heavy for her to carry.

J was so excited to find a couple of red delicious apples.

Team work is best!

My favorite part of the day is when L picked flowers and brought them to me and said Momma " these are for you I love you soo much" and gave me a kiss.

C is wearing a twirly strip skirt that I made in Korea.
L is wearing a peasant top and the snazzy pants by tie dye Diva

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Custom Order

I had so much fun putting this custom order together.  It is for my friend who has nine children, yes you read that right.  She is getting ready for family pictures in a couple of weeks and already had something for two of the children, but needed something for the other seven.  They are doing their pictures at a pumpkin patch.  These colors are just going to pop with those pumpkins.  I can't wait to see their pictures!

First up - shirts for four of the boys.  The shirt is the Classic Oxford Button-up Shirt is by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

Size 2T

Size 3T

Size 6

Size 12

I also made three bow ties - a bow tie for dad and the two oldest boys.  My friend loaned me a bow tie to copy.  I was a little nervous since I had never made bow ties before, but turns out, they weren't so bad.  Now I just need to learn how to tie them!

Now for the girls!  First up is the Fairytale Dress by Tie Dye Diva Patterns.  This dress is a 3T.  I am absolutely in love with this dress.  I want one in my size!!

 It laces up in the front

I love the uneven hem that it has.  The skirt of the dress is a circle skirt that is made with squares instead of circles.  It is perfect for twirling in.  Check out pictures from our first photo shoot to see this dress in all it's twirling glory!

The straps are threaded through button holes in the back and then tie in a big bow making it so you can adjust it for a perfect fit.

The next dress is the Perfect Peasant Dress by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.  I love the simplicity of this dress and that it can easily be dressed up by adding a sash and a flower.  This dress is a size 7.

Last, but not least for the dresses is the Megan Dress by Petite Kids Boutique.  I love the ruffle on the bottom of the dress and that the back of the bodice laces up.  This dress is a size 8.

 Then mom needed something to dress up her outfit and tie her in with everyone else.  She couldn't quite decide which pin she wanted :)

The whole ensemble wouldn't be complete without some hair bows for the girls too.

Phew!  Since this order was for my friend who lives near me I was able to deliver it to her.  It was so much fun to show off everything and see the girls get excited about their new dresses.  If you see something here that you would like for yourself head on over to Sunshine and Pink.  Right now we do not have listings for the shirts or some of these dresses.  If you would like something that is not listed or would like to have something that is listed made in a different color feel free to start a conversation with us.  We will be happy to work with you!