Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Haven't Forgotten About the Boys!

When Maria and I started talking about opening our shop I was really excited.  We were going to make clothes for little girls.  How fun!  I mean, I have three boys, whom I love dearly, but let's be honest...there just aren't as many patterns out there for boy clothes as there are for girls.  I have had so much fun making twirly, ruffly dresses.  But, the whole time there was this nagging little voice in the back of my head that said, "don't forget about the boys!"  I had a few things to finish up with the girl dresses and then the big custom order to work on before I could devote time to boys clothing.  The time has arrived though - boys clothing is here!  We are starting out with neckties for your little man.  Oh, man, I just love these ties.  I have been working on this tie pattern for the last three years or so.  I have finally perfected it though and am ready to send ties out to the world for other little boys to enjoy.

The 21 ties I have made for my boys.  I love seeing the boys wear them to church every Sunday.

We had fun matching for Easter this year. 

These blue ties were the first ones I made for them.  The boys wore them for my sister's wedding back in 2011.

The purple ties are the most recent ties I made for the boys.  They wore them for my brother's wedding that was back in July.
It's so fun for me to see how excited the boys get when they see me working on new ties for them.  Some might even say that a boy can never have too many ties :)

The first ties are in the shop now, just waiting to be worn and loved by little boys!  To make things even more awesome, each of the ties listed has a matching dress.

This orange tie is perfect for fall.  It makes me think of pumpkin pie :)  The matching dress for sister can be found here.

When two of my boys saw this tie they got really excited and asked if it was a new tie for them.  When I said that it wasn't they were sad.  I know what they're getting for Christmas this year! There are actually three dresses that match this tie!  You can find them here, here, and here.

Last, but definitely not least is this happy yellow tie.  Bring some happiness to your little man's wardrobe! Don't forget the matching dress :)


  1. Love these ties! Do you have a tutorial!

  2. Oh I love them! It looks like your boys enjoy wearing ties as much as mine does :-) Thanks for sharing, and have a great day!

    --Ashley @
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  3. Oh, wow. I see moms dress their little girls in matching dresses at church, but how great when you could see a sister and brother in matching dress and tie.